Bar Readiness Programs

Bar Readiness programs are designed to help students transition from law school study and exams to bar preparation and the bar exam. This transition begins in the final year of law school and continues through the 10 weeks preceding the actual exam administration.

3L/4L – Multistate Bar Strategies (Required)

Multistate Bar Strategies (MBS) is an advanced survey of legal analysis and communication focusing on the Multi-State Bar Examination subjects, with writing exercises designed for graduating students preparing to transition to bar study. The course covers planning and preparation techniques for completing assignments involving substantive areas of the law, analyzing and solving bar essay and multiple choice questions, and communicating legal analysis in writing. Components of the course include an online memory enhancement program, strategic approaches to essay writing and MBE question formats, and a particular emphasis on essay writing under exam-like conditions.

This class is not a substitute for a commercial bar review course.

3L/4L – Performance Test Strategies (Elective)

The Performance Test (PT) accounts for approximately 26% of a bar taker’s exam score, and, in essence, is equal in score to two bar exam essay questions.  Given the significance of this portion of the bar examination, La Verne Law has created a Performance Test Strategies course that focuses on helping students develop analytical and organizational methods essential to successfully completing the PT. The PT Strategies course covers topics including managing a case file, synthesizing legal authority, performing objective and persuasive drafting tasks, time management and perhaps most importantly, following directions. Each student in the PT Strategies course completes four performance tests during the semester as homework assignments.  Students also practice and develop their skills by drafting several written assignments over the course of the semester that either target specific areas that need improvement or build on lessons discussed in class.

Post Grad – Bar Exam Strategic Training (BEST)

The Bar Exam Strategic Training program (BEST) is a complimentary program for La Verne law graduates that provides comprehensive and targeted assistance during the bar exam review period. This customized program is not a standalone bar review course, but works in tandem with BARBRI to provide La Verne law graduates with the best opportunity to perform well on the California Bar Exam. BEST begins immediately after graduation and runs continuously through the last day of the exam.  Bar examinees receive a customized paced schedule, proctored simulated exams, progress tracking, essay and performance test grading with detailed feedback, general and stress relief counseling, and various other guidance on bar study and exam strategies.