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The Center forAcademic & Bar Readiness

The mission of the Center for Academic & Bar Readiness (CABR) is to provide an innovative, constantly evolving program employing sound educational principles to help La Verne Law students achieve their highest academic potential by cultivating and enhancing their academic skills. We accomplish this mission by:

  • strengthening students’ confidence, ability and self-efficacy;
  • helping students develop and practice critical academic and legal skills; and
  • guiding students through the process of becoming self-regulated learners.

By developing and practicing critical academic and legal skills, students create a strong foundation to succeed in law school, on the bar exam, and in the practice of law.

About the Center for Academic & Bar Readiness

La Verne Law established The Center for Academic & Bar Readiness as a resource to help La Verne Law students identify and strengthen critical academic and bar exam skills during law school.  CABR faculty teach an array of academic/bar exam skills including LAP I (New Student Skills Orientation), 1L academic skills for Contracts, Property, and Civil Procedure, 2L Strategic Legal Methods, and the 3L/4L Capstone. In addition to formal classes, CABR faculty are available to work one on one with students on study skills, time management, outlining, and exam techniques.  Through its academic and bar readiness programs, the CABR supports and collaborates with students as they develop and enhance the critical skills necessary for achievement in law school, on the bar exam, and in the legal profession.

Center Faculty

Name and Title Phone Email
Jendayi Saada
Associate Dean of Student and Faculty Development
(909) 460-2038
Jemima Galan
Assistant Visiting Professor, CABR
(909) 460-2007
Leah Wissink
Administrative Assistant II
(909) 460-2056
Jonathan Ibanez
Assistant Visiting Professor - CABR
(909) 460-2036
Kimberly Farina
Visiting Assistant Professor
(909) 460-2059