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Dual Law Degree Programs

The University of La Verne’s College of Law has partnered with both the College of Business and Public Management to offer dual law degree programs in Public Administration (J.D./MPA) and Business Administration (J.D./MBA). Dual degree programs are the ideal choice for highly motivated law students who have a clear career path in mind—one enhanced by the addition of a second advanced degree.

Available Dual Law Degree Programs

Juris Doctor/Business Administration (J.D./MBA)

The JD/MBA dual degree program delivers a rigorous curriculum at the intersection of law and business. Find out more about the J.D./MBA.

 Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration (J.D./ MPA)

The JD/MPA dual degree program is ideal for those interested in specializing in law surrounding matters of public governance or nonprofit administration. Find out more about the J.D./MPA.

Benefits of a Dual Law Degree


Our dual degree programs offer students the opportunity to complete two full degree programs in three to four years. Further, our J.D./MBA and J.D./MPA allow students to count six (6) units of elective coursework in the master’s degree towards J.D. elective requirements and six (6) units of the J.D. elective coursework towards the master’s degree. This results in 12 units of shared coursework between the J.D. and the master’s degree.


La Verne Law introduced the first flat-rate tuition model in the United States. The significance is clear: the tuition charged in your first year is the exact same rate for each and every year of your enrollment! Earning a dual degree also offers significant tuition savings due to shared or overlapping credits.

Career flexibility and versatility

Dual degree holders are able to select from a wider variety of career paths, have greater chances of promotions and upward mobility in the workplace, and have the option to switch gears in their career if it suits them.


Earning two degrees allows a graduate to interact with twice the amount of professors, classmates, and professional contacts—in other words, twice the mentors and resources and potential business partners and investors.

Dual Law Degree Admissions

Dual-degree applicants must first be admitted to the J.D. program. Typically, students declare their intent to pursue a dual degree before or during their first year of law school. Once a student is enrolled in the J.D. program and chooses the dual degree track, they are automatically accepted into the master’s program.

In most cases, students should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Enrolled dual degree students complete the first year of the J.D. before beginning the master’s degree program coursework. Students then work with advisors to develop their customized course plan, selecting electives from both the College of Law and their master’s degree program.

Learn more about our Dual Law Degree Programs!

Earn your dual law degree at California’s most affordable law school in as little as three years and elevate your career to new heights. Request more information today.