College of Law and Public Service Spring Admissions

The University of La Verne College of Law and Public Service acknowledges the importance of an accessible and flexible legal education. Reflecting our mission, we offer the option of spring semester admissions, with classes starting in January. While interested Juris Doctor (JD) candidates are encouraged to submit their completed applications by the December 1, the College of Law and Public Service will continue to accept and consider applications for admission through the start of its January term.

Once accepted, spring-start students begin on a part-time basis, are required to attend the following summer session, and have the option to transition (by petition) to full time for the fall semester.

What to Expect

Are you considering law school but, due to finishing undergraduate coursework or existing work obligations, can’t attend during the fall semester? Starting in the spring may be a stronger fit for your educational goals and eliminates needing to wait eight months to a year to undertake this significant course of study. Spring-start is for our part-time evening program only.

If you are a JD candidate considering spring admissions:

  1. indicate you are applying for the spring semester on your application;
  2. make sure your application, along with transcripts and any LSAT scores you choose to submit, is sent by the College of Law and Public Service’s December 1 priority deadline;
  3. if accepted, prepare to start in January, taking evening classes on a part-time basis;
    1. first-semester spring start students begin with Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Legal Writing I;
  4. be ready to also attend the summer session, continuing your studies in Legal Writing and Professional Responsibility; and
  5. consider petitioning the College of Law and Public Service to transition into full-time status for the fall semester.

Students applying for a spring start are held to the same admission requirements as candidates beginning in the fall semester. Once accepted, you’ll begin courses in a collaborative, supportive cohort environment, where you’ll develop connections with your instructors and fellow students and have the chance to bring your unique perspective into classroom discussions.

The College of Law and Public Service stresses the importance of developing strong study habits while working toward your JD degree and starts all students, including part-time spring admits, with the Student Success Center’s rigorous orientation to instill these methods and establish expectations for your time here.

Why Start Law School in the Spring?

Law school represents a path toward expanding your skills, growing your knowledge, and uplifting your community. Getting to graduation requires a significant time commitment, which may be complicated by outside obligations. The College of Law and Public Service believes that a legal education shouldn’t be reserved for a select group of individuals, and we strive to assist you in reaching your goal of earning a JD degree.

Spring admissions is one effort to help you get there on your own timeline. Why start La Verne Law in January?

More Flexibility

Not everyone wraps up their undergraduate degree in the spring or has time to step away from a full-time job. Spring admissions accommodates a broader range of individuals seeking to attend law school, including those finishing their undergraduate degree in the fall semester and adults working a full-time day job. Our format lets you get started sooner, instead of waiting nearly a full year to begin your studies, and takes the needs of traditional and nontraditional students into account.

Finish Up Sooner

Spring start JD candidates can chart out their legal education along two paths. Students may select to continue their degree on a part-time basis. You’ll continue taking evening classes, with the option to attend during the day, and your tuition is structured on a per-credit basis. Those attending part time are on track to graduate in four years.

Students transitioning to full time handle a larger course load once the fall semester begins. In selecting this format, JD candidates may be able to complete their degree in 2.5 years, saving on both tuition and time.

Receive More Attention

La Verne Law is already known for an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Receiving the same high-quality instruction as fall admits, you’ll begin in a spring cohort, which may include a smaller group. This format allows for greater interaction with your instructors and classmates and eases the transition into the demands of the first-year curriculum.

Start Your Law Degree at La Verne in the Spring

If you’re eager to make a difference, apply to begin your JD degree at the College of Law and Public Service this spring. To learn more, reach out to the College of Law and Public Service’s Office of Admissions by email or by phone at (877) 858-4529, or request more information today.