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Certificate of Achievement in Legal Research

The University of La Verne College of Law and Public Service offers an extracurricular certificate program in legal research. By completing this program, students earn a credential they can list proudly on their resumes as proof of the research skills they offer prospective employers.

What Does It Take?

To earn the Certificate of Achievement, you must complete eight required workshops and four additional workshops of your choice. Each workshop consists of one to two hours of instruction and demonstration and one hour of skills assessment. In order to earn credit for each workshop, you must satisfactorily complete the skills assessment.

You may begin the program as early as the second semester of your first year of law school and may complete the requirements any time before you graduate. Workshops are offered every semester and during the summer session. (NOTE: You may not begin the Certificate or take Certificate classes until you have passed first year fall semester legal research.)

When you complete the program, you will receive a professionally-printed certificate suitable for framing and hanging proudly on your office wall. You may also request official transcripts be sent to prospective employers.

Certificate Curriculum

Series 100 (required before Series 200)

LR 101 Primary Sources of Law
LR 102 Secondary Sources of Law
LR 103 Databases Basics
LR 104 Legal Research Process

Series 200 (required before Series 300)

LR 201 Finding Cases
LR 202 Finding Statutes
LR 203 Finding Administrative Materials
LR 204 Print Research

Series 300 (Electives)

LR 301 Bluebook Survival Skills
LR 302 California Style Manual
LR 304 Advanced Databases
LR 305 Alternatives to Westlaw & Lexis
LR 306 Practice Materials
LR 307 Business Research
LR 308 Researching Legislative History
LR 312 Special Topics (May repeat if topic different)

Total number of workshops needed for Certificate: 12
(4 Series 100 + 4 Series 200 + 4 Electives)

Frequently Asked Questions


Nothing! Classes are free to all La Verne Law students.


All classes are taught by La Verne Law staff members who have J.D.s and graduate degrees in library or information sciences and have significant experience in legal research. Most are licensed lawyers and some have experience in the practice of law.


Once! Each workshop meets one time, though there may be multiple sections of a workshop offered. You attend once and if you successfully complete the skills assessment, you receive credit for the workshop.


No. The workshops are pass/fail and we keep records only of workshops passed. If a prospective employer asks for a transcript of the courses you completed to earn the Certificate, it will show only the workshops you completed successfully.


Schedules will be available at the Reference Desk and on TWEN in the Certificate’s class page.


Log into TWEN and choose the sign up sheet for the workshop you plan to attend. If you change your mind, please return and delete your name from the list so another student can have your seat.


Yes! If you don’t plan to pursue the Certificate the prerequisites are waived. Please let the instructor know so he or she doesn’t turn in a report for you. For more information, contact Bill Ketchum.