Incoming Transfer Students

For information regarding transfer opportunities, please contact the College of Law and Public Service admissions team at The decision on a transfer application will be based on a review of the transfer applicant’s entire file, including the CAS report, grades earned in law school, letters of recommendation, and reasons for transferring.  A decision to admit a transfer applicant is conditional, pending receipt of an official transcript and a letter of good standing from the applicant’s current law school.  An admitted transfer applicant must agree to all terms and conditions of admission (including those pertaining to which credits will transfer).

Application Requirements

  • Updated CAS report
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Official transcripts from previously attended law school(s)
  • Course syllabi for courses for which transfer credit is sought
  • Letter of good academic standing

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 1

Transfer Credit Policies

A maximum of 29 units of credit can be transferred from state accredited law schools, and a maximum of 44 units of credit from ABA approved law schools. The number of units of credit approved for transfer within those maximum limits will depend on an evaluation of course equivalency and La Verne Law’s curricular requirements.

At the time of admission, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine which curricular requirements at La Verne Law have been satisfied by credits earned at the applicant’s prior law school by comparing course coverage and credit hours at La Verne Law and the applicant’s prior law school. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will also determine at the same time the total number of units for which transfer credit will be allowed, within the above stated maximums. No credit will be given for work in which the student received a grade lower than the minimum average required for graduation at the school at which credit was earned. While those units of credit approved for transfer will count toward hours required for graduation, the grades earned will not be factored into a student’s grade point average.

Transfer Credit for Current La Verne Law Students Who Wish to Take Courses at Another Law School

  1. Generally, the course must be one not offered at the College of Law and Public Service;
  2. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or above;
  3. The student must earn a grade at least equivalent to the average required for graduation from that institution, or a C (2.0), whichever is higher.

A student with a cumulative grade point average of 2.3 or above may petition the Office of the Dean for permission to complete up to 30 units of coursework at another ABA-approved law school and apply those units towards the Juris Doctor. Any courses at the other law school that the student wants to count towards fulfillment of College of Law and Public Service required courses for graduation must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.