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College of Law graduation ceremony

College of LawStudent Services

The University of La Verne College of Law offers many services to assist its students. The Student Affairs Office serves as the principal liaison for the students with the administration, assists the students in achieving their educational goals, and administers programs concerning student life and activities at La Verne Law.

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Department has been designated by the University of La Verne to ensure access for all students with disabilities to all academic programs and university resources.  Types of disabilities include medical, physical, psychological, attention-deficit, and/or learning disabilities, and reasonable accommodations are provided to minimize the effects of a student’s disability and to maximize their potential for success.

Office of Student Affairs

Associate Director, Admissions College of Law
Main: (909) 460-2004
College of Law 106
Director of Student Services
Main: (909) 460-2017
College of Law 106