Academic Readiness Programs

Academic readiness activities begin during orientation and continue through students’ entire law school experience.

New Student Orientation

The College of Law and Public Service’s mandatory New Student Orientation is held annually during the first week of the fall semester.  All entering 1Ls and transfer students must attend New Student Orientation. During the Orientation, members of the faculty conduct several workshops targeted at introducing 1Ls to basic skills that are fundamental to academic achievement. These workshops are designed to give students an overview of the types of skills that they need to practice and develop as they prepare for their first day of classes.

Individual Academic Support Counseling

The Student Success Center, in collaboration with the faculty, coordinates personalized one-on-one support counseling to all La Verne Law students. Students may schedule through SSC, an appointment with a faculty member. The CLPS has adopted a proactive and open door policy for all students seeking counseling and support.