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Estimated Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs and a comprehensive list of fees for studying of the University of La Verne College of Law. Note: Not all fees may apply.


Students admitted in Fall 2020:
Per unit (1-15 units)

Per semester (16 units)



Full time, per semester  (12-16 units) (Admitted Fall 2019) $15,140
Part time, per semester  (Admitted Fall 2019)

Per unit (1-11 units)



Full time, per semester (12-16 units) (Admitted Fall 2018) $14,420
Part time, per semester (Admitted Fall 2018)

Per unit (1-11 units)



Part time, per semester (1-11 units) (Admitted Fall 2017) $12,000
 Approved academic overload and Summer per semester hour (for all admit years)    $1,400


Bar Readiness, per semester $245-$734
Graduation $300
Health Center Fee (optional), per semester $75
Health Insurance (optional), per semester $583
Late Financial Arrangement $100-300
Late Registration $100
Library (Fall/Spring) $120
Licensing Exam Fee (one-time fee) $68
Lost ID card $5
Missed Payment Fee $35
Multipurpose (Fall/Spring) $246
Returned Check/Rejected Credit Card $25
Student Bar Association, per semester $50
Student Seat Deposit (non-refundable) $100
Transcript, per copy $10
Transcript, sent certified mail, per copy $15
Transcript, (24-hour turnaround), per copy $20
Transcript (special mailing/handling request), per copy $35