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J.D./MPA Dual Degree Program

The Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration (J.D./MPA) dual degree program prepares students to work at the junction of these two complementary fields.

The J.D./MPA program is intended for legal professionals who are drawn to matters of public governance or nonprofit administration. Graduates will give voice to their constituents and have the capacity to assess the legal issues affecting their communities.

J.D./MPA Admissions

Interested applicants must first be accepted into the College of Law. Once accepted, J.D. students can express their intent to pursue a dual degree. The student is then automatically accepted into the MPA program available through the College of Business and Public Management.

J.D. application requirements include:

  • a completed and signed application form;
  • a complete Credential Assembly Service Report;
  • a personal statement;
  • two letters of recommendation; and
  • a résumé.

Visit the College of Law Admissions page for more information.

J.D./MPA Curriculum

There are 12 units of shared coursework between the J.D. and the MPA. Specifically, six units of elective coursework in the master’s program counts towards J.D. elective requirements, and six units of the J.D. elective coursework counts towards the master’s degree elective requirements.

J.D. Curriculum

The J.D. curriculum consists of 88 total semester units. The first year places emphasis on the values and skills necessary for success in law school and in the legal profession;. The foundational doctrinal courses include:

  • Contract Law;
  • Civil Procedure;
  • Real Property; and
  • Constitutional Law.

Torts and Criminal Law are also explored in the first year. In the second year, law students develop practical skills through the Litigation Track and the Transactional Law Track in addition to up to 14 units of electives. In the third year of the J.D. program, the emphasis is placed on experiential learning—including externships, live-client clinics, and practicums.

Visit the J.D. Program page, explore all J.D. course offerings, or view all available J.D. elective courses.

MPA Curriculum

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program curriculum is comprised of 39 semester hours, including 27 semester hours of core courses.

The core MPA courses are:

  • Public Administration and Society;
  • Public Management and Leadership;
  • Organizational Theory and Development;
  • Policy Formation;
  • Budgeting and Fiscal Management;
  • Ethics in Administration;
  • Legal Environment of Public Administration;
  • Quantitative Methods for Public Management; and
  • Graduate Seminar.

The MPA program offers degree specializations in Urban Management and Affairs, Nonprofit Administration, Gerontology, and Public Health.

Visit the MPA Program page and/or the MPA curriculum page for more information.

Learn more about the J.D./MPA Dual Degree Program!

Earn a J.D./MPA dual degree and cultivate a transformative career in public service from two unique vantage points. Ready to get started? Request more information today.

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