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Michael L. Kennedy

Michael L. Kennedy

College of Law

J.D., Newport University School of Law
B.A., University of California, Riverside

Michael L. Kennedy embodies a wide-range of experience that, coupled with keen legal knowledge and unparalleled skill, gives him a significant advantage achieving results for his clients. His diverse background includes both public and private sector employment; eight years of employment as a peace officer for the California Youth Authority; corporate ownership of a retail store chain and manufacturer of several nationally known products. In addition, in 2001 he founded Child Support Liberation, Inc., a powerful father’s rights paralegal firm dedicated to assisting fathers achieve legal equality through the courts concerning issues of child custody, visitation, paternity.

Michael L. Kennedy’s academic background includes an undergraduateå Bachelor degree in economics from the University of California at Riverside, and a Juris Doctor degree from Newport University College of Law. His education and diverse experience has helped shape his view of justice and uniquely qualifies him to provide strong and effective client representation in the areas of administrative law/state personnel board hearings, family law, labor/employment law, civil litigation, water and mineral rights, easements and right of ways, business law, criminal defense, entertainment, and state and federal appeals.