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Kristina Kendall-Gkikas

Kristina Kendall-Gkikas

College of Law and Public Service

J.D., University of La Verne College of Law and Public Service
B.A., University of La Verne

Kristina was licensed as an attorney in 2004 and joined her brother’s firm in 2008 after serving as the firm’s paralegal since it was founded in 1994. From 1994 until 2006, the firm primarily focused on fathers’ rights. Since 2006, due to positive changes in legislation and judicial attitudes, they have shifted to focusing on parental rights and custody and support issues. Kristina has also been involved in activities like Minor’s Counsel Court Appointments, Los Angeles County Mediation Panel Attorney, and Pro Bono work for County Legal Aid. She is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the San Bernardino County Bar Association, and the East/West Family Law Bar.