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Spring 2019 Course Syllabi


Business Organizations/Prof. Nacchachian Download
Business Organizations/Prof. Rubin Download     Download
Business Organizations/Prof. Young Download
California Real Estate/Prof. Yokomizo Download
Capstone/Prof. Saada Download
Conflicts in Law/Prof. Kanassatega Download
Community Property/Prof. Gassner Download
Constitutional Law/Prof. Doskow Download
Constitutional Law/ Prof. O’Connor Download
Contracts/ Prof. Naccachian Download
Crim Pro: Trial/ Prof. Tavill Download
Criminal Law/Prof. Assael-Shafia Download
Criminal Law/Prof. Gipson Download
Criminal Law/Prof. Jewell Download
Criminal Law/Prof. Rumann Download
Cyberspace Law/Prof. Lipson Download
Entertainment Law/Prof. Lipson Download
Family Law/Prof. Bonanno Download
Hearsay/Prof. Crocker Download
Insurance Law/Prof. McVay Download
International Business Transactions/Prof. Gipson Download
Law Office Management/Prof. Lowenthal Download
Lawyering Skills Practicum/Prof. McVay Download
Mass Incarceration/Prof. Gomez Download     Download
Negotiations/Prof. Cripe Download
Negotiations/Prof. Exon Download
Negotiations/Prof. Watts Download
Probate/Prof. Garcia Download
Professional Writing/Prof. Hamilton Download
Professionalism & Ethics Download
Property/Prof. Klein Download
Property/Prof. McFarlin Download
Remedies/Prof. Jewell Download
Remedies/Prof. Kanassatega Download
Sales/Prof. Gray Download
Sales /Prof. Kanassatega Download
Sales/Prof. McLaughlin Download
Transactional Workshop/Prof. Nacchachian Download
Transactional Workshop/Prof. Rubin Download
Trademark Law/Prof. Loza Download
Video Game Law/Prof. Lipson Download
Wills & Trusts/Prof. Klein Download

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