The Object of this organization shall be to unite fraternally congenial students of the law, to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that the traditions of the law and of the profession may descend upon them, to promote justice, to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of mankind and to advance the interests of every college of law with which this Fraternity shall be associated. The mission of the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity is, “To foster lifelong friendships and professional affiliations through legal education international networking and mutual respect”. This mission has and will continue to guide us through all of our legal careers.

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Executive Board

Kazazian, Joseph

Arya Shamuilian—President

Kazazian, Joseph

Melissa Vargas Lopez—Vice President


Vanessa Olguin—Secretary

Garcia Cardona_Retouch

Heidy Garcia—Treasurer


Peter Hakim—Bailiff


Laura Chaidez—Tribune


Andrea Schulewitch—Master of Rituals