Established in 1981, the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association is the first and oldest national Asian Pacific American law organization. The University of La Verne APALSA chapter was established in 2003. Our mission is to promote education, leadership, and community service amongst law students across the country. As future attorneys, we recognize the responsibility and leadership roles we have in the Asian Pacific American legal community, and the community at large. We strongly believe that becoming active while in law school is a great way to foster and develop future leaders who understand, care about, and support the history and concerns of the Asian Pacific American community.

Mission Statement:

  • To educate, represent, and advocate the interest of APA law students and Asian Pacific Americans
  • To educate and promote a deeper understanding of the political, financial, social, and historical role, contributions, and status of Asian Pacific Americans
  • To encourage participation, leadership, and community service amongst Asian Pacific Americans
  • To serve as a national network of communication among the APA law student community for fostering the exchange of ideas and information
  • To provide an opportunity for fellowship among its members and broaden career development opportunities for APA law students
  • To encourage cooperation with other organizations of minority law students
  • To facilitate mutual education and support through the creation and maintenance of a national network of NAPALSA Chapters
  • To inspire students, law students, and legal professionals to serve the interests and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans and other under represented peoples

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