A $25 annual membership to the American Bar Association Law Student Division will enable you to stay ahead in law school, build a network to launch your career through our Career Fair and other career events, and participate in the Division’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill for student debt reform.

Help make our voices heard in the ABA, on Capitol Hill, and in the legal community by joining the 51,000 other law student members from across the country. Membership in the ABA Law Student Division is a smart decision, and your dues pay you back time and time again throughout the year.

Here’s how:

*Student Lawyer Magazine and ABA Journal. A subscription to both magazines is included in your $25 annual membership fee.

*Kaplan PMBR bar review course tuition discounts of $70 to $100.

*One free Legalines study guide (coupon included with your membership card) and Bar/Bri bar review course scholarship opportunity.

*Home and Auto Insurance offered through Liberty Mutual and American Bar Insurance.  Policies available include home, auto, and renter’s insurance.

ABA is prominent in the legal community. With your help building La Verne College of Law membership rates, we will get the name and recognition our wonderful school deserves. Sign up today; you won’t regret it!

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