The Armenian Law Society’s mission is to further strengthen bonds between law students of Armenian and non-Armenian heritage, to address issues of concern that face people of Armenian descent, both within the United States and abroad, and finally, to provide a springboard for enlightenment on the six-millennia-old Armenian Nation.

By educating future members of the legal community, providing forums for thought, discourse and doctrine, a law school is perhaps the perfect venue to challenge young minds, and to contribute to the age-old legal tradition within the United States. The Armenian Law Society hopes to further those goals by actively aiding future jurists in obtaining a greater knowledge of Armenia, the Armenian people, and other legal issues the community faces, has faced, and will continue to face in the future.


The Armenian Law Society is founded to help foster strong and everlasting ties between Armenian law students, as well as the University of La Verne, the College of Law, its faculty, administration, and the community at large. It is founded on the traditions of Armenian heritage, emphasizing a love of community, the passion of higher learning, and most importantly, a never-ending quest for justice.

By providing a relevant forum, the Armenian Law Society plans to help future attorneys feel empowered to serve the interests of the Armenian American Community, as well as other minority communities that reside inside and outside the bounds of the American Legal System.

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Executive Board

Kazazian, Joseph

Joseph Kazazian—President

Kazazian, Joseph

Marie Dagstanyan—Vice President


Maro Mkrtchyan—Secretary


Nareh Chorbadjian—Treasurer