Effective for the 2014-2015 academic year, La Verne College of Law tuition will be $25,000 per year for all full-time students, and $19,600 per year for part-time students.  This rate will be fixed for all three years of full-time students’ legal education, or all four years of part-time students’ education, with a provision for performance-based, outside-funded scholarships in the latter years.

To arrive at the $25,000 flat tuition figure, the College of Law closely examined loan availability [including unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans for graduate students, capped at $20,500 per year] in the absence of need-based aid for law students, as well as national median salary figures for first-year ABA accredited law school graduates, which the American Bar Association reports at $61,250 for the class of 2013.

The model centers on practicality, by:

  • developing basic skills for success, which Holmes playfully sums up as training ‘RAP’ artists – students who can Read critically, Analyze and think analytically, and Present well orally and in writing;
  • achieving high bar performance, leveraging the College’s Center for Academic & Bar Readiness to teach bar success concepts, skills and approaches throughout students’ law school experience [from orientation through post-graduate programming], all toward the main goal of producing licensed attorneys;
  • delivering a ready-to-practice curriculum that integrates experiential and doctrinal learning across both litigation and transactional law tracks;
  • serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the community, acting in good citizenship through assorted hosted symposiums, support of the arts, and advisement to historically underserved Inland Empire bar associations and judiciaries; and
  • maintaining affordability and accessibility through the ‘True Tuition Model.’