In the December e-Newsletter, we posted an article to show fun facts about some of the full-time professors. Students were challenged to assign fun facts to a corresponding fulltime professor. The student with the most correct answers receives a $25 Starbucks gift card. Thanks to all who responded to the challenge. Congratulations to Tom Guttenberg and Lindsey Williams, who tied for the most correct responses. Each identified correct fun facts for four professors.


Here is the complete list of fun facts. Enjoy!


Goldschlager – Previously worked as an EMT, responding to 911 calls as part of an ambulance crew.

Williams – As a child, sang on stage with renowned Hawaiian singer Don Ho.

Holmes – In the same month, shook hands with the President of the United States and sang on TV as part of a quartet.

Chew – Enjoys competing in triathlons.

Exon – Volunteered for more than five years as a member of the National Ski Patrol, rendering aid to injured skiers.

Saada – Was suspended from school for three days in the 5th grade for correcting the teacher’s spelling in the classroom.

O’Connor – At age 16, upon witnessing an escaped convict commit a strong-armed robbery, engaged in a high-speed vehicle chase and executed a citizen’s arrest of the convict.

Gomez – As a sophomore in undergraduate school, received an “F” in the course Art Appreciation.

Lipson – “My proudest but shortest-lived moment came while waiting in line for pastrami at Cantor’s famous, star-studded Deli in the Old Fairfax District. I was signaled to go to the head of the line – a proud moment – until I found out that it was the free soup line for the homeless.”

Sherrill – Shadowboxed Muhammed Ali once.

Rudolf – Sang at Carnegie Hall.

Hultman – Spent New Year’s Eve in Red Square, Moscow, watching fireworks during a snow storm.

Doskow – Appeared on the Jeopardy TV show.

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