The College of Law has adopted a tuition model that challenges many of the basic assumptions in law school funding, and provides better access and student planning in funding and receiving a legal education.  The True Tuition Model eschews the traditional tuition discount model where discount – so called “merit” scholarships –allows some students to receive a no or low-cost legal education at the expense of other students who pay the full freight of law school tuition.  Since discount scholarships often cause students with less advantage to bear the cost of educating students with greater advantages, those models perpetuate wealth disparities, create uncertainties because of fluctuations in tuition charges based on the retention or non-retention of scholarships, and do not reflect the true cost of the legal education offered by a school.

The True Tuition Model, like the other components of the Five Core Concepts, puts La Verne Law in the forefront of legal education reform. Kudos must be given to President Devorah Lieberman, the Board of Trustees and the President’s Executive Council for having the faith and foresight to adopt this new approach to law school tuition.  More details about the transparent, inclusive, innovative, and student-planning nature of La Verne Law’s tuition model can be found at True Tuition Model on the College of Law website.

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