Court Observation

More than 100 students and faculty observed various court proceedings in Colton and San Bernardino in late January as part of the College of Law’s first-year curriculum.

Court Observation Week exposes students to civil and criminal trials, drug treatment court proceedings, probate matters, and other judicial proceedings for four days at the San Bernardino Justice Center in San Bernardino.

Evening students spend the fifth day observing probate and mental health-related proceedings at the San Bernardino Superior Court located inside the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Clinic in Colton. It was an opportunity to witness what happens when behavioral health and legal systems intersect.

In addition to watching trials from jury selection through verdict, students also engaged in question and answer sessions with judges and staff, as well as attorneys.

Students heard from judges during a luncheon about the road to the bench, and received a behind-the-scenes tour of the new courthouse and its lock-up facilities.

Court Observation Week is an integral part of La Verne Law’s mission “to guide our students in the discovery of law and self as they prepare for the practice of law or other professional careers.”

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