As we come to the close of my third year as Dean, I am bursting with pride at the accomplishments of the College of Law over the past three years. These achievements are the result of the hard work, determination, and dedication of the faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni and friends atGilbert Holmes the College of Law. We would not have reached these milestones without the consistent and much-appreciated support of the University, the Board of Trustees and the Inland Empire legal community. I could not ask for a better group of people, with all our wonderful and collective talents and foibles, to work with and through our strengths and challenges.

This past academic year, 2015-16 was a particularly gratifying year. We achieved ABA full accreditation – a long sought-after goal of the University and the College of Law. We discuss the ABA achievement in a later article, but suffice it to say, I have experienced great pleasure facilitating the dream of Judge Paul Egly when he founded the College of Law in 1970. In addition, we had a successful outreach to our alumni from the campus we maintained in San Fernando Valley from 1983-2002.   The San Fernando Valley alumni we contacted welcomed their Alma Mater with open arms even though they had not heard from us for many years. La Verne Law has a tremendous presence in the West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area through the careers and successes of our alumni and we seek to expand and encourage their relationship with each other and their law school as we advance the reputation of the University of La Verne College of Law.

On the general home front, we continue work on improving the quality and reputation of our legal education program. In February 2016, we had a very small cohort of graduates pass the California bar exam at a level that meets the ABA Standards. In this challenging recruiting environment, we have more seat deposits than this time last year. We are on pace to exceed the record first-year enrollment we had in Fall 2015. On a sad but appreciative note, one of the stalwarts of the University and the College of Law, John Hultman, retired after 34 years of service. Professor Hultman is beloved by decades of students and the University recognized his contributions by awarding him Professor Emeritus status.

Finally, as the University gears up to celebrate its 125th year, the College of Law is proud to enter the celebratory year as a fully-accredited law school that is growing in size and stature. We are the major legal resource in the region and plan to extend our presence through new clinics, externships, relationships with the bench and bar, and partnering with our alumni and friends. This is a great time to get on board and begin or increase your support of the College of Law. I invite you to visit us online or in person and to aid our quest through your financial support. Here is a convenient link for you to show your support:

Onward and upward,

Gilbert A. Holmes

The Proud Dean of the

University of La Verne College of Law


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