Justice Bus - COL Newsletter May


A dozen University of La Verne College of Law students traveled to Bakersfield through the OneJustice program to provide legal services for residents on March 7.

The OneJustice program, which has been around for more than 30 years, brings attorneys and law student volunteers to rural and isolated areas to set up free legal clinics for low-income Californians. It helps veterans, senior citizens, disabled children, immigrants, and more.

OneJustice shares the University of La Verne’s mission in that it builds champions of social justice.

Students helped more than 20 disenfranchised residents who sought revisions to their criminal records under California Proposition 47, which reduced non-violent crimes to misdemeanors.

“The students returned transformed and empowered. Their shared experience was real and raw. It demonstrated that the rule of law has important implications and consequences; that it can both positively and negatively impact the lives of our fellow citizens; that it can serve and protect; and that it can marginalize and oppress,” said Professor of Law Kevin Marshall.

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