Becoming a fully accredited ABA law school has been the goal of the College of Law for more than a decade.  Although La Verne Law has experienced some challenges in the process, we appear to be on the brink of success.  The College of Law has had provisional ABA approval since March 12, 2012.  Since that time, La Verne Law has created the Center for Academic & Bar Readiness (CABR), and increased the personnel who focus on enhancing the academic and bar readiness of our students and our graduates.  The College of Law has also adopted a program of legal education that infuses academic and bar readiness into the curriculum so that it seamlessly augments the learning process to the benefit of the students and the communities they will enter as attorneys.  These are the major issues – bar performance, academic and bar readiness and overall program of legal education – that the College of Law needed to address in its quest for full ABA approval.  There was an ABA site visit in February 2014, and there will be another in March 2015.  The College of Law must apply for full approval by spring 2016 as its provisional approval will expire in spring 2017.

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