Four College of Law professors and eight law students helped the homeless, gardened at the Church of the Brethren and participated in other community engagement activities throughout Southern California for Freshman La Verne Experience (FLEX) and New Student Community Engagement Day Aug. 27.

Assistant Professor of Law Ezra Goldschlager accompanied eight law students to Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. The mission, which serves more than 3,000 meals daily and provides shelter for about 1,100 people, gave a tour to Goldschlager, undergraduate and law students.

Some students worked in the kitchen, preparing food, while others handed out University-sponsored snow cones to residents of the Mission and others living on Skid Row.  A third group of students cleaned the family wing of the facility.

“I was very impressed by the scope and quality of services offered by the Mission to surrounding residents,” Goldschlager said. “The students and I were pleased we had an opportunity to spend the day doing meaningful work.”20160827_FLEX_JAM_0374_720x480_72_RGB

FLEX Day is the first academic experience for new students, and is a part of the university’s La Verne Experience program, which includes learning communities for freshmen. Transfer and graduate students also participate in FLEX Day.

“I always get a good feeling from doing this and seeing all the students and their energy,” said Professor of Law Chuck Doskow, who volunteered at the Church of the Brethren’s Peace and Carrots Garden.

The organic garden provides about 150 pounds a week of fruit and vegetables to the Beta Program Center’s food pantry in Pomona.

Professor of Law Placido Gomez painted with students at House of Ruth domestic violence shelter in Pomona and Professor of Law Kevin Marshall worked with students cleaning a storage room and engaging with clients at Prototypes in Pomona, which serves women recovering from substance abuse. Gomez and Marshall both teach courses for FLEX learning communities.

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