Success Rate by La Verne Law’s first-time takers of California State Bar exam

The University of La Verne has dedicated time and resources to the preparation as part of its commitment to expand and enhance bar exam support through its Center for Academic & Bar Readiness. It has established a customized post-graduation bar review – the Bar Exam Strategic Training Program (BEST), which is available to La Verne Law students at no additional cost. And all of the first-time takers who passed the February 2014 exam maintained a strong and consistent level of participation in the BEST Program throughout the duration of the bar review period.

The result of these resources led to La Verne Law’s first time takers passing the California bar exam at a rate of 87.5% (14 of 16) in February 2014 and 66% (19 of 29) in July 2014 for a pass rate of 73% (33 of 45) for calendar year 2014.  This is above the state average for first time takers from all ABA law schools.