La Verne Law’s Flat, No-Discount Tuition Advances Affordability and Accessibility of Legal Education

La Verne Law’s tuition is $25,500 per year for all full-time students and $19,990 per year for part-time students. This rate is fixed for all three years of full-time students’ legal education, or all four years of part-time students’ education, with a provision for performance-based, outside-funded scholarships in the latter years.

In pioneering the ‘True Tuition Model,’ La Verne Law inserted itself into the national discussion surrounding the affordability and accessibility of legal education. The no-discount True Tuition Model brings the tuition rate well within reach of many prospective law students, tells them the maximum they will pay, and places all students on the same economic playing field for funding their legal education.

With its flat tuition rates for all students, La Verne Law holds the distinction of the most affordable ABA accredited law school in California. The State Bar of California recently honored Dean Gilbert Holmes with one of its five inaugural Presidential Recognition Awards, presenting him the Access to Justice Award for his commitment to making legal education more accessible to the community.