Membership Selection Policy

Membership on the University of La Verne Law Review is the result of a selective process, based on both grades and successful completion of a write-on competition.

New staff editors will consist of as many members as are necessary and competent. All students whose cumulative GPA after successfully completing at least 29 units places them towards the top of their class will receive an invitation to compete in the write-on competition for membership in the law review.

The write-on competition takes place over a weekend in the summer, and consists of three parts: a “closed universe” memo (2–3 pages) on a topic of current legal interest, a cite-checking (“Bluebooking”) exercise, and a personal statement of interest. The write-on competition is scored on a subjective basis.

Membership on the University of La Verne Law Review is ordinarily a 2-year commitment. However, in the event that members of the 2L staff elect not to return in their third year (or do not complete their service in their first year of membership and are not invited to return), spaces on the staff will be made available to students ranked in the top 30 after their second year of law school. Selection will be by a write-on competition, combined with G.P.A., as described above.

The Editorial Board of the University of La Verne Law Review consists of the Editor in Chief, the Executive Editor(s), the Chief Articles Editor, the Chief Managing Editor, and the Chief Administrative Editor. (The precise composition of the Editorial Board may change from year to year.) The Editorial Board members are selected in February. Only Members of the University of La Verne Law Review are eligible to serve as members of the Editorial Board. Members of the staff not selected for the Editorial Board serve as senior staff members in their second year on law review.

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