This page should be used to show how certain content elements are styled across the site. Below you will see every item that is selectable within the “wysiwyg” editor when editing a post or page. So, lets get started shall we:

Here is an H3. This is used for section headlines.

Notice I skipped over h1, and h2… these are already being used by the site (H1 is used for your site name, and H2 is used for the Page title). So to keep the document layout more understandable to the search engines we then begin styling our content with H3′s.

Here is an H4. (Slightly larger than paragraph text)

yadda yadda yadda… then there would be another paragraph.

Here is an H5. (Slightly larger than paragraph text and defaults to green!)

yadda yadda yadda… then there would be another paragraph.

Here is an H6. (Should be used in rare cases, like legal copy or when paragraph text just doesn’t work)

yadda yadda yadda… then there would be another paragraph.

Now lets show some lists… (by the way this text is simply “bolded”)

  • Here is an unordered list.
  • This is to be used for listed items that are not to be numbered.
  • A simple but effective way to make a list.

Alright, so that was a bulletted list, what about numbers? (this text is simply italicized)

  1. Here is what an ordered (or numbered) list looks like.
  2. It is used to show specific requirements or step by step process.
  3. It can go on forever…
  4. But lets not waste time here.

Okay, that’s all fine and good but what about if you want to have lists within lists:

  1. This is an ordered list with an embedded unordered list.
  2. This is a normal combination of list items that you may see on many websites.
    • It may be a little more difficult to add in the editor.
    • And you may need to edit the html.
    • But it is possible with a little know how.
  3. So if you need more help with this just let us know.
  4. We can quickly make the changes for you if need be.

Alright, how about some other items, like “blockquotes”:

Blockquotes are longer quotes that usually take up a few lines. The author would use the blockquote button on the editor to make this longer quote stand out from the rest of the normal paragraph text. And this is what it would look like.

Then some other paragraph text follows.