Thursday, September 24th, 6:30-8:00 PM:

Frank J. Garcia, Professor of Law
Boston College Law School

“Three Takes on Global Justice”

Furthering our understanding of the connections between international law and justice will be some of the most important work to be accomplished in the coming years. It might seem evident that justice should be an important value in the design of institutions governing international economic relations among states, yet its relevance is still the subject of ongoing debate. Is international trade law just? Should it be?

Frank J. Garcia is one of the leading legal scholars bringing international trade law in contact with theories of global justice. The author of more than thirty publications, including his influential book, Trade, Inequality, and Justice: Toward a Liberal Theory of Just Trade (Martinus Nijhoff, 2003), he is Professor of Law at Boston College Law School and director of the school’s Law and Justice in the Americas program. He was a Fulbright Scholar and Professorial Fellow at the Law Institute of the Americas of the Southern Methodist University School of Law. Garcia was also Associate Director of the Caribbean Law Institute at the Florida State University College of Law, where he was an associate professor of law prior to joining Boston College Law School.

Professor Garcia has served as a consultant to Caribbean states in the World Trade Organization Doha negotiating round. He has taught law globally, in Australia, Austria, France, and Uruguay, and has served as Visiting Professor at the University of Houston Law Center and as the Katherine A. Ryan Distinguished Visiting Professor at the St. Mary’s University School of Law/University of Innsbruck Austria. Professor Garcia has also served in important posts for the American Society of International Law, including on the Executive Boards of both the International Economic Law and International Legal Theory Interest Groups.