Charles Doskow, Professor of Law, wrote “The Current Supreme Court Term: La Plus Ça Change…” as part of the March, 2010 issue of the Riverside Lawyer, the monthly publication of the Riverside County Bar Association. Professor Doskow also reviewed “Slavery’s Constitution: From Revolution to Ratification” The Federal Lawyer (March/April 2010 Volume 57 Number Three). And, he was a speaker at the Riverside County Bar Association CLE Brown Bag Series on January 29, 2010. His talk was part of the 2010 Ethics Marathon sponsored by the Association. He discussed professional responsibility rules and posed ethical hypotheticals for general civil, criminal, mediation, and family matters.


Professor Ashley Lipson wrote “Lobbyists Registered Criminals? Is Corruption Now Accepted Business as Usual by the American Public?” published in American Trial Lawyer Magazine, and “High Court to Consider Video Game Violence,” published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.


Assistant Professor of Law Marc Roark published “Fixtures and Encumbrances: The Real Property Interests in Article 9” in volume 42 of the UCC Law Journal. Additionally, Roark was published in Volume 75 of the Cincinnati Law Review, titled “Defining Fixtures in Law and Policy in the UCC.” He joined a group of 34 commercial law and consumer protection professors across the nation urging Congress to relent federal preemption where states create more onerous protection for consumers. Roark also completed a book review on Cass Sunstein’s book, “Going to Extremes: How Like Minds Unite and Divide.” The review was posted at Concurring Opinions, and ranked as the fifth most-read law blog by law professors. He also presented “Disease, War and Waste: A Consideration of the Trade Fixtures Doctrine” at the Association of Law Property and Society at Georgetown; “Copyrights, Fair Use and Entitlements from the Outlier Perspective” at the Conference on Intellectual Property at Iona College; and taught the course Payment Systems at the University of Missouri- Columbia this summer.


Kevin Marshall received tenure and was promoted to Professor of Law. He was recognized for his commitment to teaching, student learning, and scholarly research.


Victoria Haneman was named one of the La Verne Academy’s “Young Scholars” at the University of La Verne Faculty and Staff awards ceremony in May 2010.

La Verne Law Professors and Students Appointed at Annual Conference to Take Active Role in Peer-Review Law Journal

Papers submitted by university faculty receive high reviews by the Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business; Select students to take part in producing the annual publication.

Top law instructors from the nation and parts of Europe attended the annual Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference in February and sponsored by La Verne Law. La Verne Law Professor Kevin S. Marshall served as the conference chair. Marshall, who currently serves as vice-president of PSWALSB and as advisor to the student organization, was also elected by the organization’s membership to serve as president for 2010-2011.

Contributions from the La Verne colleges of Law and Business, as well as individual supporters, allowed the February conference to present its first $1,000 award for the best paper, authored by Professor Audrey Wolfson Latourette and titled, “Plagiarism Revisited: Legal and Ethical Implications for the University.” Another $750 in prize money was awarded during the conference, making the Palm Springs event one of the highest-paying conferences in the interdisciplinary study of law and business.

Fifty-two academic papers were submitted for conference awards, with La Verne Law’s own Professor H. Randall Rubin earning high accolades as one of six finalists for the conference’s top award with his paper, “But Wait, There’s Moore: A New Paradigm for Establishing a Community Property Interest in Highly Appreciated Personal Property in the Collector Car Market.” La Verne Law professors Dylan Malagrinò and Kathy Luttrell Garcia also received positive reviews for their paper presentations.

Student members of the Society of Legal Studies and Business who attend La Verne Law assisted in coordinating the conference, and celebrated approval of their proposal to help produce the PSWALSB Journal of Law in Business through a new pilot program slated to begin this year. The students will shadow the journal’s editorial staff, which now includes La Verne Law professors Kevin S. Marshall as editor-in-chief and Kathy Luttrell Garcia as technical editor.

“I am so proud of our students’ proactive approach to pursuing this exceptional opportunity to get involved and prepare for their careers in the legal profession,” said La Verne Law Dean Allen K. Easley. “The knowledge and skills these students will develop while producing the journal and working side-by-side with professors and practicing lawyers will be an invaluable experience in their own successful law careers.”

While the journal will now be co-managed by PSWALB and La Verne’s SLSB, the student organization will also be responsible for the cite-checking and blue-booking of articles chosen for publication by the faculty editorial board, as well as working with Christiansen Publishing to get journal volumes “camera ready” for print, publication, and distribution.

More than 60 attendees from across the globe attended PSWALSB’s annual conference in Palm Springs. PSWALSB is one of eight regional subdivisions of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB). Founded in 1924, the international organization provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, and encourages support and cooperation among those who teach and conduct research in the field of legal studies.