Professor John F. Acevedo currently teaches constitutional law. He previously taught courses on criminal law, criminal procedure, legal history, American legal systems, and the First Amendment. Before joining the faculty of the University of La Verne, he taught at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, and the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law. In addition to teaching law, he also taught American history, research methods, and historiography to undergraduates at the University of Chicago.


Professor Acevedo received his Bachelor of Arts with honors in history from California State University, San Bernardino in 1999. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law where he was a fellow in the Center for Law, History, and Culture. He earned a Master of Arts in history and a Doctor of Philosophy in history from the University of Chicago. His emphasis was on legal history in colonial North America. His dissertation committee was composed of Edward M. Cook Jr. (chair), Richard H. Helmholz, and Fredrik Albritton-Jonsson and the dissertation was titled, Harsh Mercy: Criminal Law in the Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts Bay Colony.


Professor Acevedo’s research interests focus on remedies to police misconduct, the concept of dignity takings, the history of criminal procedure, law in the British Empire, and First Amendment protections for non-Abrahamic religions. He has published articles with Howard Law Journal, South Carolina Law Review, Chicago-Kent Law Review, and UMKC Law Review. He has also presented at numerous conferences and workshops.

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