Your resume is the key that opens the door to your next job opportunity.  When employers first screen attorney candidates, they don’t know your personal history, your level of motivation, or your work ethic; they only know what they see on paper.  Therefore, a carefully crafted resume is an absolutely essential component to your job search.

Your resume, along with your cover letter, writing sample, and reference sheet, are collectively referred to as your Personal Marketing Package.  If done right, these documents will help land you an interview.

To assist you, we offer the following resources:

For Resumes:

For Cover Letters:

For Writing Samples:

For Reference Sheets:

Remember: When applying for jobs over email, submit your Personal Marketing Package in Adobe PDF format!

Submit your Personal Marketing Package for Review

Students and La Verne alumni are welcome to email their resumes, cover letters, and writing samples to the Career Development Office for review and suggestions.  Simply email your documents to  (MS Word documents are preferred) and within one week, students’ resumes and cover letters will be returned with comments via email.

Students and alumni may submit their materials as often as necessary for review.

For those who need substantial help getting started, please schedule a one-on-one session with a counselor through LEO.