La Verne Law Alum Dedicates Career to Human Rights

Soheila Azizi is often described as “the woman with the heart of gold.” Owing this reputation to her unwavering commitment to human rights, community building and promoting justice, she has dedicated the majority of her life in the U.S. to volunteerism and community service.

Her latest crusade is to support and to raise public awareness about Education Under Fire, a new nationwide initiative aimed at furthering the defense of Iranian Baha’i students who, solely on the basis of their religious beliefs, are deprived of pursuing higher education.

Having fled her birth place of Iran for fear of religious persecution, and having witnessed gross violations of human rights in her homeland for the past three decades, Azizi has dedicated her life to humanitarian pursuits and establishment of peace and equality among all people.

“Elimination of prejudices, establishing gender and racial equality, as well as developing a global code of ethics, are all essential prerequisites to building a healthy society” she said. “Promoting social justice, and preservation of basic human rights for every member of our human family, should be the first order of business for every government, every organization, every learning institution, and every responsible individual who can be a voice for those who cannot have one” she further commented.

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