Meet Alan

To win a legal case is great. To win a case and to have it become part of a published opinion is even better. Having one’s argument entered into the annals of legal history is to clarify the law and to influence the outcome of all future arguments. Some lawyers work their entire careers without ever attaining this goal.

Alan Blackman did it on his first case.

Alan’s published opinion came in 2003 just two years after graduating from the University of La Verne College of Law in Southern California. At the time, he worked for police general counsel for the city of Los Angeles. Now he works as Deputy City Attorney and he says that his success is due in large part to the first-rate law school education he obtained at La Verne Law.

As a La Verne Law student, Alan learned the importance of preparation. In fact, he says that his years of study under La Verne Law’s high-caliber faculty was so complete that when the time came to sit for the California State Bar Exam, he finished so quickly that he worried he missed something. He didn’t, of course, and now, with nearly a decade of experience and twenty four trials argued to verdict, Alan says that when it comes to his education, he wouldn’t change a thing.

One of the initial reasons Alan chose La Verne Law was because of its reputation for supporting working students. As a non-traditional student with a family to support, Alan worked his way through school, first as a counselor in a residential treatment facility, then as a clerk with county counsel. The hard work paid off quickly. The connections he made as a law clerk led to his first job right after graduation. Also, Alan says that his success in working for attorneys with degrees from some of the biggest schools on the west coast helped him develop a winning confidence.

When asked whether or not law school changed him, Alan says that law school taught him how to “think like a lawyer.” This means thinking for oneself, solving problems on one’s own and finding a logical solution based on research, logic and facts. These skills have served Alan well and they are the skills all La Verne Law graduates take with them, with great success, out into the world.