Meet alum Alan Blackman

To win a legal case is great. To win a case and to have it become part of a published opinion is even better. Having one’s argument entered into the annals of legal history is to clarify the law and to influence the outcome of all future arguments. Some lawyers work their entire careers without ever attaining this goal.

Alan Blackman did it on his first case.

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Meet alum Soheila Azizi

Soheila Azizi believes in living a life of good works. Her guiding philosophy is that in this life you get what you give, and when it comes to ethics, there is no dividing line between personal and business.

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Meet alum Elizabeth Yang

When Elizabeth Yang was offered an associate position at Howrey LLP, one of the largest international law firms in Southern California, she was informed that the offer was contingent upon her passing the California State Bar exam on her first attempt. And although the pressure was on, Elizabeth was confident she could do it, because she was prepared.

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Meet alum Victor Gordo

At the age of fourteen, Victor Gordo organized his restaurant co-workers to battle management over unfair tip distribution. The workers prevailed, winning the right to keep and distribute the money as they saw fit rather than handing it over to management who kept a percentage. This first collective bargaining experience illustrated to Victor the power of people working together and inspired him to pursue a career that would help improve the quality of life of those around him.

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Meet alum Lisa Rogan

In May 2013, Lisa Rogan was serving as a supervising deputy district attorney in the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office when she experienced a major change in her professional life. It came in a public announcement by California Governor Jerry Brown, one which appointed her to the San Bernardino County Superior Court Bench.

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