La Verne Law is an incubator for innovation in legal education, thought, and advocacy for individuals passionate about serving their communities and promoting access and justice.


The mission of La Verne Law is to guide our students in the discovery of law and self as they prepare for the practice of law or other professional careers. Our faculty of scholars and teachers is committed to creating an innovative, collaborative learning environment designed to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to achieving individual and professional success.

Our mission encompasses educating, as well as enhancing the professional lives of, the members of the local, regional, national, and international communities we encounter – students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, members of the bench and bar, and others who pursue social justice.

Our mission is grounded in the core values of the University of La Verne – life-long learning, ethical reasoning and decision-making, diversity & inclusivity, and community & civic engagement.

Difference-making is our legacy.

Core Values

University Values: As a College within the University of La Verne we adopt and endorse the University core values of Life-long Learning, Diversity and Inclusivity, Community Engagement, and Ethical Reasoning.

College of Law Core Principles and Values: As an institution dedicated to teaching and training the next generation of lawyers and leaders, we operate institutionally and individually on the principles of professionalism, innovation, ethics, student centeredness and community enhancement. In our actions and interactions, we are and seek to be affirming, respectful, humble, accountable, committed, inclusive, empathetic, responsive, passionate, and positive.