Kevin MarshallI am honored to be able to serve as Interim Dean for the College of Law.  I believe in the College of Law and the value it creates.  I am proud of the difference it is making in the lives of many.  We provide access and opportunity to those who seek the opportunity and responsibility to advocate for a just and inclusive world.  While “justice” is somewhat of an elusive concept, we all acknowledge that it is at the foundation of a just and inclusive civic experience.  It is critical that we remind ourselves that the practice of law is indeed an honorable profession.  It is the lawyer who is often called upon to intercede on behalf of the oppressed, the disenfranchised and the discarded.  It is the lawyer who is empowered to advocate for access and dignity.  It is the lawyer who swears an oath to defend our state and federal constitutions grounded on promises of equality of opportunity and due process for all.  It is the lawyer who promotes and nurtures civility and integrated discourse.  And most importantly, it is the lawyer who is often positioned to advocate for and even effectuate a better tomorrow.  We do great work, and we create great social value.  And I am grateful for being able to play a role in what we do.

The La Verne College of Law is a mission driven institution, and my vision as the Interim Dean is that the College of Law remain true to its mission, that is, “to guide our students in the discovery of law and self as they prepare for the practice of law or other professional careers.”  Our faculty of scholars and teachers is committed to creating an innovative, collaborative learning environment designed to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to achieving individual and professional success.  Additionally, our mission encompasses educating and enhancing the professional lives of our local, regional, national, and international communities of stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, members of the bench and bar, and others who pursue social justice.  We aspire to provide transformative opportunities to our students.  When our students achieve the ultimate success of being able to enter the practice of law, they experience the transformative power of their legal education.